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Why Social Media?

Social media is an agile, fluid and varied digital platform in which to connect to your audiences. It is a great way of building a community, and giving an insight into what studying, working and living at Warwick is all about.

However, the changing nature of social media channels and their audiences means that an adaptable and resilient strategy is required when managing a social media account.

Do I need to use social media?

It’s important to ask yourself these questions to see if social media is the best route for you:

  • What is the purpose of our social media activity/account?
  • Who is our main audience?
  • Does this audience want to interact with our department/team on social media in particular?
  • Are the social media channels available suitable for my purpose and audience?

Do you need an account or a campaign?

Setting up a new social media account and building a following is time and resource heavy, and temporary accounts risk being neglected or forgotten about. It is also important to remember that you will become responsible for responding to incoming enquiries and engaging with your followers in the longer term (read more about this in Day to Day Management).

A social media campaign may be more appropriate for activity with a limited timeframe, such as a particular event or campaign. This involves collaborating with existing accounts and teams to create and market your content across a number of existing channels with established followings.

Come along to one of our weekly drop in sessions, every Monday 1pm-2pm at University House Cafe, or speak to us at for advice on your upcoming event or campaign.

Choosing a channel

The central University of Warwick social media channels currently are: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Weibo and WeChat.

Each channel has different features and attracts different audiences, so choose carefully, according to the purpose and audience of your account or campaign.

We recommend adapting your content to each social media channel that you choose to use. Because of the different features, a blanket approach (putting exactly the same content on each channel) doesn’t generally work and can look lazy.

Setting up an account and changing owner

Whichever channel you choose, please make sure that you select the professional or business option so that you are complying with the regulations of that particular channel.

Use an appropriate team resource email address to set up your account, as opposed to your personal work email address.

Make sure you save the password somewhere safe, in a password protected document. This way, multiple team members can have access to the account should the person responsible not be in the office, or leave the team.

I’m ready. How do I get started?

Please complete the social media briefing form if you wish to start a new social media account on behalf of the University of Warwick.

How do I get a branded social media avatar?  

An avatar is the small image on your social media profile which displays on your timeline, also known as a 'profile picture'.

It’s important to have a branded social media avatar for your account, for brand consistency across all our channels and to legitimise your account as one that is part of the University of Warwick.

After you’ve completed the social media briefing form, email where we can ask one of our designers to mock one up for you.