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New course development market analysis form

This form must be completed as part of the new course approval process to help assess the potential market for the proposed new course. We recommend that this form is completed at an early stage in the new course development process.

For advice on completing or conducting market research please contact Alicia Buckley A dot Buckley1 at warwick dot ac dot uk.

For more details on the new course approval process, please visit the Teaching Quality Course Approval pages, or contact courseapproval at warwick dot ac dot uk

Research has shown that the following factors contribute to the successful launch of new programmes :

  • The field of study is in demand
  • Low levels of competitive intensity
  • The title is appealing (and reflects market rhetoric)
  • Optimal timing of launch into market

The form aims to capture key information relating to the above to assess likely demand. Two dashboard reports are available on the Strategic Planning and Analytics website which can be used to assist you in completing the form. The following are available:

1) Course Market Position dashboard & reports – Analysis of 1st Year UG UCAS applications, accepted applicants and HESA enrolments.

2) Course Title and Enrolment Search report – Allows users to input any course title keywords and return student enrolment data by course / institution.

If you cannot access any of these intranet pages please email dashboards at warwick dot ac dot uk. NB not all questions will be relevant to all programmes, please leave blank any that are irrelevant.