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Race and Ethnicity

Race is one of the nine protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010. The Act aims to protect people from direct and indirect discrimination, harassment, and victimisation on the basis of race.


Warwick Ethnicity Profile

17.3% of Warwick staff are Black, Asian, or minority ethnic (sector average 14.5% BAME).

  • 12.6% Asian (sector average 12.7%).
  • 2.3% Black (sector average 3.5%).
  • 2% Mixed (sector average 1.5%).
  • 1.4% Other (sector average 1%).

The statistics and infographic are from our Equality Monitoring Annual Report. If you'd like to know more about why we collect personal and protected characteristic information, have a look at the Equality Monitoring: Why Share Your Personal Information? webpage.


Sources of Information and Support

Find an overview of support, initiatives, and guidance relating to race and ethnicity using the links below:

External Resources