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Warwick Conference Support Awards

Contribution to child-care and other caring costs associated with conference attendance

Small Awards (of up to £150) are available to academic, research active staff and those in appropriate support or administrative posts to help support the extra child-care or other caring costs associated with attendance at conferences. This fund has been established in recognition that conference attendance is important both for individuals and for the wider Warwick community, yet it invariably involves an extra burden of child-care/caring for those with young children. (Please note that claims are limited to one claim per trip and two claims per person per academic year and can only be claimed retrospectively for a maximum of three months after the conference).


The fund is applicable for academic staff, research active staff and those in appropriate support or administrative posts . Applications should be submitted on this form below, stating why you need additional support and outlining your normal child caring arrangements. A very brief report will be required as to whether the money actually made a difference to the applicant and whether there are any future funding applications that can be ascribed to it. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the available money is used up. The applications will be assessed by Sandra Beaufoy (, who along with Claire Algar ( can also provide helpful advice and respond to queries.

Claiming the money

Our understanding from the HMRC guidance is that childcare costs can be reimbursed tax and NI-free if they are connected with 'work-related training'. This is defined as any training course or other activity which is designed to impart, instil, improve or reinforce any knowledge, skills or personal qualities which are, or are likely to prove, useful to the employee when performing their duties or will better qualify the employee to undertake the employment. As one would presume that the University would only support anyone attending a conference that was intended to impart, instil, improve knowledge etc. we conclude conference attendance qualifies as work-related training.

All receipt's provided must be on official company paperwork and signed where applicable.

To make a claim
  • Go to Insite and type 'Concur' into the search field
  • Select expenses type 'Conference fee' or 'Travel'
  • Please put the business purpose as e.g. Athena Conference Claim/Name of Conference/Date of Conference
  • Then click the allocate button (bottom right corner) and 'slowly' type the costcode 69TUEQ02
  • Add a comment for your approver to 'approve and forward' to Sandra Beaufoy s dot beaufoy at warwick dot ac dot uk
  • Please ensure you also complete the report below
Comments from members of staff who have utilised the fund:

“Conference attendance is an essential requirement for anyone in building a prosperous research career ….. This can put me ahead of the field. I certainly find the most challenging juggling act of academia and family life is the attendance at conferences. This fund can help me and others to relieve a little of this pressure, and is a very positive step forward for Warwick.”

"Without the money, I would have had to make a choice whether I would attend the workshop leaving my daughter behind or whether not to attend the workshop so I can be with her. Given that she is just 15 month old, leaving her behind would not have been an option for me. Hence, without the money, I would not have been able to go.

"Now, the additional child care cost covered by the grant meant I did not have to choose between my daughter and the workshop".


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