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RECM Evidence


Earlier this year, we ran a staff and student survey on the issue of race at Warwick. We had a response of 604 from staff and 420 (285 valid responses) from students. We were pleased with this response rate and want to thank colleagues for their input.

We were also keen to gather further qualitative evidence which can support or challenge what the numbers tell us. In order to do this, we appointed The Runnymede Trust to run a series of focus groups on our behalf to talk to Warwick staff and students about their experience of race at Warwick.

The final source of evidence we will use is the data we hold about our staff and students. Colleagues in the Human Resources systems team and Strategic Planning & Analysis have pulled this data together for us, and the SAT has formed a sub-group to analyse these results.

Taken together, these 3 sources of data have highlighted the following key points about Warwick:

  • This diversity tapers off as roles become more senior. For instance, the perception that there are no black professors at Warwick. This lack of staff diversity in senior staff has an impact on the status of BME undergraduate students, with some students reporting feelings of isolation and lacking mentors. (Runnymede)
  • British born minority ethnic groups are not well represented at Warwick and the University could do more to engage local communities in order to recruit staff and students. (Runnymede)
  • Our analysis of the ethnic profile of our staff tells us that employment of white staff members has grown at a faster rate than the employment of (British) Black, Asian, and Chinese.
  • There appears to be a leaky pipeline in terms of progression of (British) minority ethnic staff from FA5 through to FA9.