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Race Equality Charter Mark Focus Groups

The Race Equality Charter Mark aims to improve the representation, progression and success of minority ethnic staff and students within higher education. The Charter Mark is administered by the Equality Challenge Unit and provides a framework through which universities work to identify and self-reflect on institutional and cultural barriers that may affect minority ethnic staff and students, and is a learning opportunity for Warwick.

To help facilitate progress, the University is submitting an application to the Charter Mark and would like to hear from black and minority ethnic staff and students on issues relating to race equality within a higher education context via a series of focus groups which are being facilitated by Runnymede Trust.

Your input is valuable to this process and we want to hear your views on studying/working at Warwick. All comments made by focus group participants will be anonymised – no one will be personally identifiable.

Places are limited to 10 people per focus group and once you have registered your interest on the link below, you will be notified if you have been allocated a place by Friday 26th February.

The Vice Chancellor has announced that the University’s submission to the Race Equality Charter Mark is an institutional priority so we encourage staff/students from across the University to participate in the focus groups. If necessary, staff should approach their line managers to negotiate time away from normal duties to attend.

Registration is now closed.

Registration closes Thursday 25th February 2016