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Diversity Calendar

We want to celebrate diversity by featuring your images in our Diversity Calendar. It takes five minutes to submit your photo, and you can send pictures of:

  • Events on campus;
  • Festivals;
  • Staff/Student groups;
  • Volunteering;
  • Inspiring people;
  • And more!

All appropriate images that display diversity will be gratefully received.

2019/20 Competition

Closing date for submissions 30 June 2019.

2019/20 calendar submissions are now closed.

Please read the competition guidelines before submitting.

Please remember when taking photographs of people, that you need their permission to publish the image.

By submitting an image you indicate that you are willing for the University to use your image in any future publicity.

Many thanks and keep ‘snapping’!

Below are some of the winning images from recent years:


You can download all previous years' calendars at the links below:

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