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Photography Competition Guidelines


The competition is open to all Warwick staff, students, alumni and retired staff, and there is no restrictions on when submitted photographs were taken.


Digital images can be submitted in most formats, but raw and jpeg files are preferable. Make sure the image is of the highest resolution possible, and an absolute minimum of 300dpi. We're also accepting prints (from film) in any size. Paintings or other artwork should be submitted as a jpeg in the first instance, although we may ask to see an original at a later date.

Please only use landscape images.

Accompanying text

Please include a brief description of your image with your submission, explaining your reasoning behind the photo and including any additional information you have, such as when/where it was taken.


Photos and artwork must be your own original images and you must be happy for your image to be used for the University's diversity calendar which will be published online and in print, as well as in promotion of the competition.

Please remember when taking photographs of people, that you need their permission to publish the image.

You can submit 10 images per person.

Submit your images using the form here.

All appropriate images that display diversity will be gratefully received.

You can download all previous years' calendars at the links below:

2017/18 Diversity Calendar

2016/17 Diversity Calendar

2015/16 Diversity Calendar

2014/15 Diversity Calendar