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ED&I Champions

Following a recommendation by the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Network and approval by the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee the University have asked for people to act as "Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Champions" for their department.

List of Departmental Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Champions  

Some departments already have contacts, but if there is no Champion listed for your department and you wish to volunteer please contact Sandra Beaufoy s dot beaufoy at warwick dot ac dot uk on ext 74479 or Claire Algar (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer) C dot Algar at warwick dot ac dot uk on ext 22356.

You can read an ED&I Champion role description here and find more information below.

Frequently Asked Questions

As an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Champion what will I be required to do?

The idea of "Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Champions" was a suggestion from the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Network that was fully supported by the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee. The intention behind the implementation of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Champions was to get an equal opportunities representative from each department to improve two way communication between the departments and the Centre. The aim being that departments can feedback priorities and issues via the ED&I Champion and the Champions can update departments on EO activities. ED&I Champions also have the option to get involved in ED&I projects ranging from Equality Week, to consultation on new policies, to getting involved in the implementation of Equality Analysis on policies and procedures. Feedback from Departmental ED&I Champions is greatly appreciated to understand whether the initiative is achieving its aims, improving communication on ED&I issues across the University and to ensure representatives are supported in their role.

What commitments will be involved?

In terms of time commitments we recognise that whilst all volunteers are committed to equal opportunities that individuals are able to commit different amounts of time and resource. Some ED&I Champions will simply attend the termly E&D Network meetings, others get involved in projects, support events or even pick up managing projects. We value any contribution that ED&I Champions are able to make. The key intention being to enhance communication and disseminate ownership of equality of opportunity across the University.

Will there be any meetings?

There will be termly meetings held at various times and venues across the University to try to make the meeting as accessible as possible for staff with varying shift patterns and on different parts of the campus. Previously the meetings were held solely for ED&I Champions but it was found that there was some overlap with the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Network so the intention is to combine the two so that ED&I Champions come along and input into the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Network but also open it up more generally so other staff members can attend. The dates of the meetings for the year will be published at the start of the academic year.

What do I need to do to become a Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Champion?

If you are interested in becoming an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Champion then you will need to liaise with your Head/Chair of department so they are aware of your intentions. Following this if you contact Sandra Beaufoy on extension 74479 or via email on or Claire Algar on ext 22356 or via email on then your name will be added to the E&D Representative list.