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Buddy Scheme

The aim of the scheme is to:

  • Ensure new Network members do not have the daunting experience of signing up and then having to arrive to meetings/events unaccompanied.
  • Enable new members of staff or existing staff who may not be ‘out’ at work to have an opportunity to meet other members of the LGBTQUA+ community at Warwick.
  • Provide members of staff who identify as LGBTQUA+ with someone to talk to and/or accompany to network meetings/events.

Sign up to be a Buddy by completing the form here, or request to be assigned a Buddy by completing the form here.

If you are interested in learning more about the LGBTQUA+ Staff Network Buddy Scheme and can't find what you need here, contact us and let us know.


Buddy Profiles

You can see profiles of some of the people who have volunteered to be Buddies below:

Sam Parr

"Hi, I'm Sam! I've been at Warwick since 2008, initially as an undergraduate and then postgraduate student, and now as a member of staff for the university and the Students' Union. I'm a co-chair of the LGBTQUA+ Staff Network and a facilitator of the Trans Community Group for trans staff and students. I also chair the Trans & Queer Pedagogies learning circle within WIHEA at the university, and support the work for trans and LGBTQUA+ inclusion at the university."


Fabrizio Alberti


Stephen Soanes

"I first came to Warwick as an undergraduate in 1998, and came back to do a Master's, PhD and then (because I clearly love it!) to work in professional services. At other times I've also lived in Liverpool, Suffolk and London. My work in Student Recruitment means I get to share more about Warwick with prospective students, parents and school counsellors across Europe. I am therefore used to talking with people who are new to Warwick, and I often say that the diversity of Warwick's campus community is one of the things I like most. From first coming out to now being a Co-Chair on the Staff Network, Warwick's been central to my LGBT life. I'd be glad to offer an informal welcome and chat whether you are an existing member of staff, or a recent joiner."


Izzy Edwards

"I moved to Warwickshire with my partner 3 years ago and started working at Warwick University not long afterwards. I studied French and Spanish at UEA and have lived in Bedfordshire, Norwich, Cambridge and South of Madrid. If you're new to Warwick or even to England, I can empathise. Not knowing many people outside of the University, I've enjoyed making the most of working at Warwick: joining rock up and play badminton sessions, taking a German language class and becoming co-chair of the LGBT+ network. I'm open to trying new activities and look forward to any suggestions which could help revitalise the network, whether it's board games or reading clubs, coffee or sport..."

Photo by Zen Chung from Pexels. Colour filter added to original.

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