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Unitemps Induction and Resources

The content on this web page is aimed at staff on temporary contracts engaged through Unitemps.

If you are starting a new placement at Warwick on a Unitemps contract, you will find everything you need for an introduction to ED&I at the University using the links below.


What We Stand For

Our principles below set out our values and expectations of how we behave as a University community, both as individuals and as an institution.

We commit to sharing these principles with all new students and staff members when they arrive at Warwick and underpin our desire to give students the best experience possible whilst studying here.

They facilitate an environment where the ability to voice ideas is at its core, a place in which staff and students operate with mutual respect, with the confidence that equality of opportunity is accessible to all.

These principles represent our expectations of how we behave as a University community, both as individuals and as an institution. They also inform our approach to taking appropriate action when these expectations are not met.

  • We treat everyone with respect.
  • We do not tolerate discrimination.
  • We do not tolerate sexual misconduct, violence or abuse.
  • We keep our campus and community safe.
  • “We” means all of us, students and staff alike.


Training and Learning

We have a wealth of training opportunities, guidance, and resources available that can help to develop your awareness of ED&I. You will find these particularly useful if you are in a front-facing role, working with students and colleagues.

If your assignment is likely to last longer than one working week we would suggest that you take the time to complete the ED&I in the HE Workplace training module prior to or upon commencement of your placement (this should take no longer than an hour and does not need to be completed in one sitting).

If you have any questions regarding ED&I, please feel free to contact us.

Start your ED&I development on the Training and Learning webpage.


Staff Networks

The University recognises the power of Staff Networks, these groups provide an opportunity for staff to connect, socialise, support one another, and discuss issues of relevance to their communities. Staff Networks are run by and for the members, with administrative support from the ED&I team.

Find more information about our Networks, and how to join, on the Staff Networks webpage.


The Equality Act

Find out about the protected characteristics and what legislation Warwick must adhere by to protect it's staff from discrimination in the workplace on the Equality Act webpage.

If you require any work place adjustments for a disability or illness, please contact Unitemps in the first instance.