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Alison Ribeiro de Menezes

We asked women at Warwick to submit an image of themselves for inclusion in the Warwick Women's Montage and a short description of the challenges they've faced/continue to face and how they're dealing with them.

See Alison's submission below:

"I count myself extremely lucky, because I'm not home schooling small children or in a major caring role, and so I don't have to juggle several time-consuming roles. Even so, there have been professional and personal challenges. As Vice-President of Women in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies (WISPS), I recently found myself chairing a debate about inclusivity in our discipline - ranging widely over matters of equality and diversity. WISPS was formed at a time when female and early career researchers were less visible at conferences and within academia and needed a space to showcase their research, but that has changed radically, prompting the question as to which issues of inclusion and exclusion need urgent address today, and what truly meaningful gains have been achieved. It was challenging to reflect on the work still to be done but rewarding to find that the conversation engaged colleagues from across the career spectrum and enabled us to think about ensuring that high-profile successes are not co-opted to conceal deeper lack of structural change. I'm not sure there are any easy solutions, but opening up a conversation was an important step.

Personally, the biggest challenge at the moment is missing family and friends. From trying to support and keep up the spirits of the elderly generation (none of whom live even remotely close), to motivating a couple of normally very active teenagers (who miss their circles of friends terribly), I have felt the emotional responsibility of being the so-called 'sandwich generation' keenly. The best solution I've found so far is simply to be generous with myself and to accept what's possible and what's not. And also to tell myself to stop worrying about everyone all the time, because they are mostly doing really well and showing enormous resilience."

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