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Francesca Molina

We asked women at Warwick to submit an image of themselves for inclusion in the Warwick Women's Montage and a short description of the challenges they've faced/continue to face and how they're dealing with them.

See Francesca's submission below:

"The theme of this 2021 IWD is 'choose to challenge' . I chose to challenge the preconception that a woman's life is fulfilled by becoming a mother, and the somehow prevailing expectation that it should be the case. Almost as if that is the standard.

Motherhood was never too present in my mind, I just thought that it could happen one day. The possibility existed. Personally, the most annoying thing was realising that 'nature' had made that decision for me... and I didn't like it. It has been nearly a year and a half and I actually dealt with it quite well.

Yes, it was sad news, but not defining news.

Many women make a conscious decision not to have children, sometimes their bodies make the decision for them. There is a wider issue that the identity of women is still very much seen as something incomplete and we must challenge that stereotype and agree that not having children doesn’t mean being bored and have nothing to do for the next 40-50 years!

A life without children is not empty, unless we choose to live it that way. A life with children can be filled with all the wrong stuff.

Ultimately the choice to have or not have children doesn’t automatically make a woman's life more meaningful. No one can define us by that alone.

I guess that was the whole idea of me sharing a little of this experience."

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