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Lauren Borwick

We asked women at Warwick to submit an image of themselves for inclusion in the Warwick Women's Montage and a short description of the challenges they've faced/continue to face and how they're dealing with them.

See Lauren's submission below:

"As a Security Officer myself and all of my colleges have worked throughout the pandemic and are still going now. COVID-19 has made many of us fear catching it or passing it to our family. However for me my biggest challenge is that I am currently 29 weeks pregnant with my first child, although step Mum to 2. With not being able to show my family, friends my growing bump, adapting to online services for antenatal classes, my partner not being able to be part of some of the appointments/scans and unable to go shopping to buy gifts/nursery ideas. At some points I did feel lonely, I was no longer doing the essential shop and since 28 weeks I began working from home. However this year has brought some real highs those who I have worked with became family, those days in the garden spent with kids splashing in the paddling pool, finding out I was pregnant and how it lifted not just my mood but those around me and even now with working from home the ability the use of Teams or a mobile phone to speak with your team can give you a big lift. I suppose if this year has taught me anything, it is I am stronger than I gave myself credit for, its okay sometimes not to be okay, my body is incredible and to never take for granted what I have. That is how I deal/dealt with my challenges."

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