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Carers Initiatives

Carer Guidelines

This guidance document outlines the support available to employees with caring responsibilities, to assist them in achieving a sufficient balance between their work and caring commitments.

(Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels).

Carers Passport

The Carers Passport has been designed to provide a framework to discuss individual circumstances and facilitate a conversation with your line manager or HR Business Partner.

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Employers for Carers

Warwick is a member of Carers UK Business Forum, therefore providing all staff with access to the Employers for Carers (EfC) platform. EfC provides resources for employers, line managers, and essential guides for working carers.

The Most Important Things People Want You To Know About Disability & Caring

As disability and caring can often be invisible issues we asked staff and students ‘What’s the most important thing you would want people to know about disability/caring?’ we received so many fantastic and thought-provoking comments we got them printed as a booklet so we can share them with the wider Warwick community.

Working, Learning, Living

Inspired by the Royal Society's Parent Carer Scientist project , we’ve created our own booklet 'Working, Learning, Living' to showcase how staff and students all across Warwick combine their work and home commitments.

Milk Expression/ Breastfeeding Rooms

Warwick has dedicated milk expressing rooms across campus to assist those returning from maternity leave and still breastfeeding.

(Photo by Becerra Govea Photo from Pexels).