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Let's Talk About Autism

This week is World Autism Awareness Week (29 March - 4 April 2021) and we are talking about neurodevelopmental, social, communication differences, AS/Asperger Syndrome, to demonstrate how Warwick values diversity. Having a better understanding of how members of our staff and student community might see the world from a uniquely individual perspective is how we can embrace difference and raise awareness.



A Warwick student talking about their experience

"For me, people appreciating the differences and difficulties that people with autism face is crucial. Understanding that we may need more time to process what is going on around us, may have seen things differently to you, or have anxiety and sensory barriers that stop us from participating in certain activities is central to being able to support someone with autism. I also think that it is really important for people with AS to seek out others with similar differences. Being with other autistic people really helped me to celebrate my differences rather than feeling alone and isolated in them because I realised that there are others out there going through the same things that I am. Having a support networks out there with an amazing understanding of the difficulties that I face as an autistic person really helps me with day to day life because I know that if I am struggling, people will understand why, and know how to support me."


Ask an Autistic: Autism Awareness Week Panel

ASD@Warwick, a new Students' Union society for autistic students have organised a student panel as a chance for staff and students across the university to hear from a diverse range of autistic voices speaking about their experiences, strengths, and challenges.

The event takes place on Wednesday 31 March at 4pm. You can sign up and submit questions in advance via the Ask an Autistic Facebook event page.


What I Wish You Knew- A Guide for Staff from Autistic Students

ASD@Warwick have produced a comprehensive guide for staff about autism, teaching and learning, and addressing common myths and stereotypes .


Starting University

Listen to three Warwick AS students talk about their experience of starting University.



Invisible Disability & Teaching: The Student Experience

Tuesday 30th March 14:00 - 15:30

This student led session will explore the experiences of students with unseen disabilities. The Student Union's Disabled Student Officer, Isabelle Atkins, will chair the session and we will be joined by students from across the University who will share their experiences. Find out more about unseen disability.

Submit questions for students anonymously here.

Book you 'invisible disability and teaching: the student experience' space here.

Further Resources

The Library has worked with ASD@Warwick student society to produce an autism reading list with a variety of resources for anyone to access to find out more about autism, improving awareness and understanding

The Disability Team provides guidance on disability for staff supporting students and welcomes staff enquiries and discussion on disability related issues.

Autism&Uni provide a wide range of free Best Practice Guides for professionals supporting autistic students in Higher Education.



The Disability Team in Wellbeing Support Services provide a range of services and support for autistic students.

The Library offers a range of assistive software and extended services, including the Accessible and Sensory Study Rooms.

There are a range of quieter spaces on campus which can help provide a calmer environment for any student who is feeling overwhelmed.

Staff can find support, initiatives and guidance relating to disabilty here (including a section specifically focused on neurodiversity and AS, under 'External Resources').

The Staff Wellbeing Hub provides an overview of all support available for staff.

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