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The Most Important Things People Want You To Know About Disability & Caring

On 20 June 2018, we team hosted a Disability and Carers’ Awareness Event – a number of organisations came to Warwick to host stalls, provide information and support, and engage in conversation, so that we could increase knowledge of the issues around disability and caring and raise awareness of what support and services exist.

As disability and caring can often be invisible issues, we also wanted to put real people’s voices at the centre of the event. So, prior to the event we asked staff and students to complete an anonymous form answering one question ‘What’s the most important thing you would want people to know about disability/caring?’. On the day of the event we displayed these quotes on a rolling slideshow and on posters, and we received so many fantastic and thought-provoking comments we also got them printed as a booklet so we can share them with the wider Warwick community.

You can read some of the responses below and download a copy of The Most Important Things People Want You To Know About Disability & Caring here .

All these quotes are things real people at Warwick want their colleagues to know. So please read, learn, and enjoy.

"One might look bright and happy and strong on the outside, inside we need some TLC"

"Disabilities are not a life choice. They could happen to you."

"You are not alone! And you can do this!"

"It does not diminish who I am or my status in any way and I am proud to provide care where it is needed."

"Not all disabilities are visible."

"Disability, caring and being cared for can touch our lives at any time, nobody is immune."

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