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Warwick's ED&I Newsletter is your briefing on ED&I news, issues, and events. Each newsletter includes:

  • ED&I This Month: An overview of the top ways you can learn more, find support, and get involved with ED&I each month.
  • ED&I Calendar: A list of ED&I-related awareness and observation dates for the month ahead.
  • Wellbeing: Monthly tips and sources of support for better wellbeing at Warwick.

Plus, we will send occasional additional emails with a special focus, such as upcoming events, celebrations of awareness days, and big news items that just can't wait until the next newsletter. For example, have a look at the content from our Black History Month email series.

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If there is something you'd like to see included in a future edition of the ED&I Newsletter, contact us and let us know.


Previous Editions

You can read previous editions of the newsletter below:

A person sitting outside having a coffee, talking and smiling with friends, as if they've just recieved the latest edition of the ED&I newsletter!

Photo by Centre for Ageing Better . Text, colour banner, and Warwick logo added to original.