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Athena SWAN Network Group

Warwick staff from across all departments as well as the Learning and Development Centre (LDC) and Research Support Services (RSS) meet regularly to discuss progress towards meeting our University-wide Athena SWAN action points and prepare individual departmental applications.

The Departmental Representatives act as a communication channel between academic departments and the group; they also convene local departmental discussions.

The group meet monthly and up-date departments on current initiatives, progress on Athena, scrutinise other departments’ submissions and encourage and support departments with their Athena work.

Feedback from the Athena SWAN panel on the University's Silver Award Application 2013.

Athena SWAN Silver

"As a married mother of two, the department has always given me the flexibility to
work part time. This has been essential in enabling me to raise a family whilst
continuing to have a career in research."

*New guidance on submission process*

How to submit