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Disability Taskforce

Following the changes to Governance in 2019/20, the Disability Interest Group has reformed as the Disability Taskforce reporting to the Social Inclusion Committee.

The Disability Taskforce is Chaired by Despina Weber and Kathryn Fisher, you can contact them on D dot Weber at warwick dot ac dot uk and K dot J dot Fisher at warwick dot ac dot uk.


Terms of Reference

The Disability Taskforce will champion disability, accessibility, and inclusion and raise awareness of related issues across the institution.

The Taskforce's Terms of Reference following a review in November 2020 are:

  1. To advise and support the University with the development and implementation of strategic objectives relating to disability in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.
  2. To contribute towards embedding disability to the institutional agenda.
  3. To provide a platform for informed and considered discussions on disability issues.
  4. To report to and support the work of the Social Inclusion Committee and the Disability Standard Steering Group.
  5. To review, monitor, and report on good practice and, where appropriate, make recommendations for further actions.
  6. To work in line with the University’s equality objectives, specifically on disability.
  7. To engage with staff and students on disability related matters.
  8. To enhance engagement with the Disabled Staff Network to further develop opportunities for collaborative working and provide a platform for staff related issues to be voiced.
  9. To align with the work of other Taskforces, with a view of intersectionality and with a holistic approach to disability.



The Disability Taskforce is Chaired by Despina Weber and Kathryn Fisher (Joint Head of Disability Services) . The membership as reviewed in November 2020 is:

  • Sandra Beaufoy - ED&I Manager, Wellbeing Support Services.
  • Jane Andrews - Senior Teaching Fellow, WMG/Disabled Staff Network Co-Chair.
  • Michaela Hodges - ED&I Officer, Wellbeing Support Services.
  • Liz Gardner - Customer Services Manager, Library.
  • Eleanor Hassall, President of Warwick Enable.
  • Damien Homer - Widening Participation Faculty Co-ordinator, Faculty of Arts.
  • Mike Joy - Professor, Computer Science.
  • Jagjeet Jutley-Neilson - Associate Professor and Director of Student Experience, Psychology / 'Neurodiversity and The Student Experience' WIHEA Learning Circle Lead.
  • Barclay Lane - Library, Disabled Staff Network Representative.
  • Rebecca Limb - Associate Tutor, School of Law.
  • Fiona Linton - Taught Programmes Manager, Maths.
  • Anne Maynard - Administrative Assistant, School for Cross-Faculty Studies.
  • Nathan Morris - Head of the Student Complaints and Academic Casework Team.
  • Isabelle Atkins - Disabled Students Officer, Warwick Students Union.
  • Shirley Rigby - Principal Clinical Teaching Fellow, Warwick Medical School.
  • Ian Scrase - Careers Project Officer, Student Opportunity.
  • Ann Simper - Student Wellbeing and Progression Officer, Economics.
  • Kim Waite - Volunteer Development Coordinator, Warwick Volunteers.
  • Laura Waller - Disability Support Officer, Library.
  • Jenny Wheeler - Accessibility Officer, Estates/Disabled Staff Co-Chair.

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