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Disability Staff Network

Staff Network Groups are one way of supporting aims and responsibilities.

As well as offering an interface for staff-university engagement, staff networks also have other potential benefits, all of which contribute to a healthy organisational culture, where diversity can be celebrated.

The Disability Staff network provides;

  • a safe space colleagues to discuss common issues or concerns in relation to disability in the workplace
  • an opportunity to share resources and information that has helped you relating to your disability
  • an opportunity to collaborate with others to offer ideas on what services the University could provide to staff with disabilities
  • a networking opportunity to meet other staff with disabilities
  • a place to share experiences
  • an opportunity to feed any suggestions to the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion team for consideration

If you do not have a disability but care for someone who does, you might consider attending the Carer's Network

If you would like to attend a meeting or find out more about the network please join the distribution list here.

Meeting dates for academic year 2018/19:

Term 3
Friday 7 June
1 - 2pm
2.003, WBS