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Menopause Support Group


Following an event on Menopause Awareness is was evident that a support network would benefit many staff at Warwick and also act as a conduit to raise awareness. If you wish to join the support group, please join the distribution list here.

The Menopause can affect women of all ages and it shouldn't be assumed that only women over a certain age are the only ones to be experiencing symptoms.


Meeting dates for academic year 2018/19:

Term 3
Friday 14 June
1 - 2pm
E0.23, Social Sciences Building


An online community for women over 40 with a wealth of information and resources about the menopause, including:

  • Tips on managing the menopause
  • Women's Stories
  • Menopause at work

Five things every employer should know about the impact of menopause in the workplace

Managing Menopause symptoms

Many women experience very different symptons and manage their experience in their own unique way. Take a look at some personal stories from the Warwick community here and stories provided by the Henpicked community here.

Seven top tips to help you ride the Menopuase rollercoaster