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Race Equality Charter Mark

The continued existence of racial inequalities in higher education limits both minority ethnic individuals and the sector as a whole in fulfilling its full potential.

The Race Equality Charter Mark is an initiative run by the Equality Challenge Unit, which aims to inspire a strategic approach to making cultural and systemic changes that will make a real difference to minority ethnic staff and students. It covers professional and support staff, academic staff, student attainment, diversity of the curriculum and progression of students into academia.

In 2019, the University formed a Race Taskforce, which is chaired by Professor Leroy White and co-chaired by Dr Meleisa Ono George. This Taskforce replaces the previous Race SAT team, which was formed in June 2015. The Taskforce will continue to consult and work with all business areas across the institution with the aim to address issues around racial inequality. The Taskforce will also be the drivers to develop and submit to the AdvanceHE Race Equality Charter Mark.

The Taskforce

Click here to find out more about the SAT members.


The application involves collecting evidence from a number of different sources. Click here to find out more about the work we’ve done.

Future Activities

Read the communication of the outcome of the July 2017 submission, and next steps for the University's Race Charter Submission going forward.

Email address: Equality at warwick dot ac dot uk