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FULL Registration - Menopause: Stress, nutrition, and exercise

Nutritionist, personal trainer, mental health first aider, and menopause expert Julie Dennis will speak about stress, nutrition, exercise and the menopause.

Stress is a key trigger for menopause symptoms. You can’t avoid stress but you can learn how to manage it through the way you eat, drink, move, and think. The session will cover:

  • Smart menopause eating and drinking essentials to keep you cool and sharpen up your thinking.
  • The right type of exercise to ease anxiety, burn fat, and boost your confidence.
  • A ninja menopause mindset trick that can stop a hot flush or menopausal rage in its track and get you back to sleep at 3am.

Julie specialises in practical and natural solutions for controlling menopause symptoms and helping busy professional women break through the brain fog of menopause.

This event is open to staff at all levels, and is free to attend.

You can find more information about Julie on her website, and register to attend this talk by completing the form below.

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Menopause: Stress, nutrition, and exercise (Julie Dennis, Henpicked)

Tuesday 5 February
1 - 3pm
OC0.02, Oculus


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