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Registration - Wellbeing Warwick Secret Challenge

Warwick Secret Challenge is an interdisciplinary brainstorming workshop with elements of design thinking. It was developed and piloted in 2017/18 academic year by a team of Warwick students as an opportunity to challenge oneself, meet other students and staff and learn beyond the boundaries of a degree and department.

During the workshop you will focus on a secret challenge.

  • This secret challenge will require staff and students from different disciplines and backgrounds to come together and jointly find and propose a way to solve it.
  • You will be working in a team (~5-6 people per team).
  • You will be introduced to and guided through various activities to help you and your team unpack your secret challenge and collectively generate ideas on how it might be solved.


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Wellbeing Warwick Secret Challenge

Monday 4 and Thursday 7 February
2 - 4pm
SH 2.05, Second Floor Senate House