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Your Spaces

We want everyone connected with our community to enjoy opportunities to thrive and reach their potential...

We believe we can deliver the space that caters for all of your needs, and we aspire towards making this space both welcoming and intellectually enriching. Because the University’s reputation is underpinned by a commitment to teaching and research excellence, we also believe any campus development must reflect the same high standards.

The constant reimagining of our space is something that defines Warwick. We’re prepared to use our creative thinking to forge new ways for our University to prosper. We’ll break with convention, forge new connections and, sometimes, we’ll surprise with the paths that we choose to take. But however we develop the University, the actions taken are to ensure we all benefit from a place of endless opportunities.

Current, planned and proposed projects

Click on the building cut-outs to find out more about each project, either those in progress or planned for the future...

In Progress

Past projects

Our campus has been growing for years. Take a look at the last decade of development...