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Campus Timeline:
International Digital Laboratory (2009)

Warwick's Digital Laboratory was officially opened by Prime Minister Gordon Brown on 25 July 2009. The £13,000,000 building was created to help researchers work together, and to share their knowledge and work with both the academic and the industrial worlds.
  • It provides a place for surgeons to train in a virtual environment.
  • The main access into the building is via a landscaped area and bridge link to the first floor concourse.
  • It has central lighting controls for the whole building.
  • The roof is a green roof covered in living sedum. This slows down the rate of water run-off in storms, provides additional insulation, and adds to the local ecology.

"When we talk about ground-breaking science with practical applications, we need look no further than the West Midlands. The Warwick Digital Laboratory will provide a high quality research environment for multidisciplinary teams. One aspect of this research is creating realistic virtual environments for the training of surgeons or the design of new operating theatres. This is research which will position the UK at the forefront of medical technology."
- Tony Blair

Essential Information

Start & Finish dates Early 2007 - July 2009
Budget £13M
Requested by Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG)
Managed by Estates Office
Architects Edward Cullinan
Quantity Surveyors Jacobs
Mechanical Engineers Hoare Lee Consulting Engineers
Electrical Engineers Hoare Lee Consulting Engineers
Structural Engineers ARUP
Main Contractor Norwest Holst Contruction Ltd.