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Our Future Campus

Creating a vision for our future campus

In discussion with University staff, students and neighbours, we’ve worked to understand our community’s aspirations for our future campus.

You told us you wanted:

A greater sense of place here; a feeling of more social activity.

More green spaces and a stronger commitment to environmental sustainability.

Better regional connectivity.

New transport options to reduce congestion.

Easier navigation around campus.

Improved cycle/pedestrian facilities.

We’ve taken your feedback on board to create a masterplan for the development of our campus that enables the continued growth of the University. This vision for our campus is a critical enabler to our University strategy– Excellence with Purpose.

It aims to transform the learning, living and working experience of our students, staff and visitors whilst looking beyond our physical boundaries to ensure engagement with our local communities and connectivity to support our region’s growth.


Our campus masterplan is a blueprint for the future development of the University campus. A blueprint that imagines how the environment, buildings and infrastructure we create will ensure Warwick can become one of the world’s exceptional university campuses. A blueprint that imagines how the campus connects our neighbouring communities with our students and staff for their mutual benefit.


These are the key aims underpinning our vision:

To form a vibrant learning, working, and living community.

To shape a distinctive campus experience that has a ‘cosmopolitan in the countryside’ feel.

To transform regional transport connectivity to campus.

To create an accessible, inclusive, and people-focused environment.

To deliver a SMART carbon-neutral campus.

Themes for development

The next phase of work is to develop our plans under four overarching campus development themes. Click on an image for more information


The University’s new vision for the future campus (or ‘masterplan’) is designed to create the framework for capital, environmental and infrastructure developments for the next 10 – 15 years.

Our last masterplan saw the campus change from 2009 to 2019 - with the creation of the Piazza, the Oculus, the Warwick Arts Centre, the Sports Hub etc. The Hybrid plan, approved in November 2018 guides the development of the campus from 2019 to 2023. Our new vision is to 2030 and beyond.

Through our new vision we aspire to create the dynamic environment for our education and research to flourish, embodying our aspiration for social inclusion, enabling us to embrace opportunities for innovation, facilitating our contribution as a regional leader, and exemplifying internationalisation through intercultural experiences and opportunities.

Engagement with campus and external communities so far has been through an online survey of staff and students conducted in 2018/19, and drop in sessions on our most recent hybrid planning application – held in May 2018. Full details of this engagement can be seen here.