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Campus Timeline:
Summer works - teaching and learning spaces

Social Sciences Lecture Theatre Refurbishment Warwick Business School Refurbishment Ramphal Refurbishment
Teaching and learning space refurbishments
Social Sciences Centrally Timetabled Rooms Refurbishment

Work is now complete on Phase 3 of refurbishment in the Social Sciences building. This phase refurbished and upgraded eight teaching spaces into state-of-the-art, modern facilities with the replacement of seating, writing surfaces, lighting, flooring and decoration. The works also connected the building to the campus district heating system to provide heating efficiently and improved internal conditions of these spaces for occupants.

Previous phases of work on the Social Sciences building have included a gender-neutral WC and re-designed entrance to the building in 2017 and the construction of the social space and corridor in 2018.

Warwick Business School

The staff and postgraduate lounges in Warwick Business School have received refurbishments over the summer. The staff lounge now emulates the design at WBS London in The Shard, giving a consistent look and feel across both locations, providing a high-quality, clean aesthetic with a Scandinavian feel.

The postgraduate lounge on the ground floor of the building now provides collaborative and group working space. The first floor lounge has been rearranged to increase the number of computers available for student use.

From 2020 the Warwick Business School building will be extended and further refurbished over three phases to help support our vision to be Europe's leading University-based Business School. Please visit here for more information on the planned works.


We’ve refurbished one of the University’s signature theatre spaces: the 400-seat lecture theatre in Ramphal which is used as a space for teaching and Conferences. Across a tight timeframe of three weeks, the lecture theatre now has new writing ledges and a new emergency and reassurance lighting system.