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Covid-19 Postal Tests

Christmas operating times - please note that the Campus post and parcels service and the MyDelivery service will not be operating on some dates over the Christmas period. The opening hours of the student parcel collection points can be found here. Incoming parcels will only be processed during these times, so please ensure that if you require Day 2 or Day 8 tests these are ordered in plenty of time, and any request for the MyDelvery service are made promptly.

Please note:

  • requests placed with the MyDelivery service after 13:30 on Thursday 23rd December may not be delivered until 28th December.
  • requests placed with the MyDelivery service after 13:30 on Thursday 30th December may not be delivered until 4th January.

If you will be living on campus and need to pre-order postal Covid-19 tests to be taken after your arrival this page describes the address that you should use and the process you should follow to ensure that your test arrives promptly. Please note that this service is intended primarily for the delivery of Day 2 or Day 8 testing kits. If you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms find out here how to get a test.

What address should I use?

We appreciate that you may need to order Covid-19 tests when you make your travel bookings which may be before you know your full campus address.

Please check the post room 'my address' page to see if your campus address details are already showing.

If you address details are not showing, don't worry, as long as you have already signed your campus accommodation contract, you can still have your tests delivered. If this is the case, please use the following address:

Name & Student ID Number
Early Arrival Student
University of Warwick

Please ensure your student ID number is included. If there is not space to enter this in the address field, add it to the end of your family name.

You should only send tests to this address if you have already accepted your campus accommodation contract.

We highly recommend that you order any tests using a tracked delivery method. This helps us to resolve any queries quicker if there are issues with delivery.

What happens when my test arrives on campus?

All incoming post and parcels are received at our central sorting office. There, parcels and any postal items that are sent with a tracked delivery method are logged into our online postal system. You can check to see if any items have been delivered for you on the online system.

From our central sorting office, parcels are sent to one of four postal hubs located closer to your residence. When your parcel arrives at one of the hubs and is ready to collect you will receive a notification of this by email. Please don't attempt to collect your parcel before you have received this notification as it will not be ready.

If we don't know your address when your parcel arrives at the sorting office, it will be held there until your address has been confirmed, as long as you have signed your campus accommodation contract. We will send it on to the correct hub when your address details are confirmed.

Further details about the location of our parcel hubs can be found on our website.

I need to self-isolate upon arrival into the UK, how do I get my test from the postal hub?

If you need to self-isolate upon arrival, you can arrange to have your test delivered directly to your room once you have arrived on campus.

You will need to:

  1. Ensure that you have told us that you are self-isolating. This can be done via the University's Test and Trace Website.
  2. Have received your parcel notification from the post room system. Note this is the email from the University post room and not a delivery notification email from a courier. Once this has been received, you can:
  3. Request a delivery of your item via the post room online system. Locate the item you wish to be delivered, click the 'Deliver to Residence' button and fill in the form.

You will not be able to gain access to the delivery until after you have checked in to your room. In some instances it may take our systems up to one hour to update.

A member of the My Delivery team will then collect your parcel from the parcel hub and deliver it to you room. Your parcel will generally be delivered on the next working day by the My Delivery Team, so it is important you request the delivery of your parcel as soon as you have arrived on campus and you have had the notification that you have a parcel.

Further information about receiving parcels whilst is available on the post room self-isolation page.

I do not need to self-isolate upon arrival into the UK, how do I get my test from the postal hub?

If you do not need to self-isolate, you can collect your test from the postal hub just like any normal parcel. Your email will confirm which hub your parcel is located at (this should normally be the one nearest your residence).

You will need to take your University Card or some other form of Photo ID - opening hours.

Further details about the location of our parcel hubs can be found on our website.

How do I return my test?

Postal tests should be returned via your nearest Royal Mail postbox, unless there are other specific instructions included within your testing kit.

If you are in self-isolation you are permitted to leave your room to post your test-kit back. Remember to socially distance from others and it is advised that you wear a mask.

There is a problem with the delivery of my test.

If you encounter problems with the delivery of your test please fill in this form providing as many details as possible to help us to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.