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Student post: moving in to campus

Are you moving in to accommodation on campus? We in the Student Post Room want to make sure you get everything sent to you. Our tips below will help you to avoid some common post-related pitfalls:

  1. Never have anything addressed just to the ‘Student Post Room’ address. This is often the default address offered by many companies, but we need your full accommodation details on the address label. We have to return anything addressed to just ‘Student Post Room’.
  2. Certain companies, for example Amazon, do not allow the abbreviated form of your address to be placed in an address line! To get around this, put the abbreviated form of your address in your name line.
  3. Write your name in the format: Given Name followed by Family Name. This may be different to the format you use at home, but it's the British convention and we need to have it written that way to make sure your delivery is processed properly.
  4. Use our address abbreviation tool to find the shortened form of your address that we ask you to use on everything sent to you.
  5. Don't use any postcode other than CV4 7ES. All student accommodation addresses fall under this postcode.
  6. You can add your university ID number, but this is not essential.
  7. Ask your Resident Tutor where your mailbox is. All unregistered items arriving via Royal Mail that will fit your mailbox are sent there.
  8. There are some items we can't accept:

    1. Anything over 20Kg.
    2. Perishable items like cakes and fresh/frozen food. The exception is flowers, but those should be sent to: Student Reception, Senate House, University of Warwick, CV4 7AL.
    3. High wattage items like heaters and kitchen equipment such as rice cookers. Your accommodation contract does not permit the use of these items in your rooms.
  9. Don't allow anyone else to use your address to have anything sent to them. If the name on an item does not match our occupant records, we'll return it.
  10. We send notification emails when we receive anything that will not fit your mailbox or if the item is registered. If you don't get an email, we probably don't have your item here. Please don't come to the Student Post Room to collect anything before you receive our notification email.
  11. If you've had an email/text from a courier advising you an item is here, wait for our email before collecting.
  12. If you don't get a notification email, track your item on the courier’s website or at to check the status of your item.
  13. If you have any questions, check our FAQs page. If your question isn’t answered there, write to us at student dot postroom at warwick dot ac dot uk giving us as much detail as possible. At the start of term we are very busy, so please write rather than calling us.