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Student Post: Questions

If you have any questions about student post, the answers may well be on this page. If not, please get in touch:

student dot postroom at warwick dot ac dot uk
(024 765) 22098

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I have a parcel delivered straight to my student residence?

There are two main reasons for our policy of not allowing courier drivers to access accommodation blocks:

  1. Security. We don't want to have lots of strangers walking past campus bedrooms.
  2. You'd actually have more trouble getting hold of your parcel. We get thousands of deliveries every term, from about 15 different companies at many times of the day. Many recipients would be in lectures or elsewhere when the parcels are delivered, so they'd go back to the respective supplier depots, awaiting collection off campus. Having all parcels delivered to the postroom means we can sign for you and keep it on campus until you're ready to collect it.

To make this arrangement easier for you, we maintain an online post tracker so you can see when your parcel is at the Student Postroom and available to collect. If you think the Student Postroom is too far to walk to, we have something to help you there as well: a free campus shuttlebus, which picks up from many locations on campus and stops right outside our front door.

I live off campus. Can I get something delivered to the Student Postroom?

If you're not living on campus, don't use a previous accommodation address to send your parcels via the Student Postroom. Any items for non-residents will be returned to the sender immediately.

How do unregistered letters reach me?

We receive a delivery from Royal Mail Monday to Saturday. Unregistered letters correctly addressed to you are sent to your accommodation via the Accommodation Porters. Ask your Resident Tutor what arrangements there are in your accommodation for picking up your letters. Registered/recorded delivery letters will need to be collected from the Student Postroom.

Can I buy stamps or send mail from the Student Postroom?

We only accept incoming mail and don't sell stamps or accept outgoing mail. Stamps and delivery are available at the nearby Post Offices in Rootes Grocery Store or Cannon Park.

I live off campus, can I have anything sent to my friend’s on-campus address?

You should not allow your on-campus address to be used by anyone else. Any items arriving that do not match the registered addressee will be returned.

I’ve received a text/email from a courier telling me they have delivered my item. Can I collect it from the Student Postroom?

Not until you get our email - it takes us time to process items, so please wait for our notification before coming to collect.

Can I track my own registered letters/parcels?

If you have a tracking ID for an item, you can check its status at Note the use of the % sign before and after the ID.

Can I Select a Specific Timed Delivery?

Whilst there's nothing to stop you choosing a timed delivery, the courier you choose will still only deliver here once each day. Couriers, (particularly DPD) are in the habit of pre-scanning time-slot deliveries to make it appear the items are delivered at the designated time, even though they're delivered sometime later in the day.

We'd recommend that you save money by not choosing a timed delivery slot for this reason.

How long do you keep my parcels?

Due to storage constraints, we only keep items for a limited period of time. After the first notification email, we'll send you a reminder that your item is here. A few days later you will receive a final reminder that your item is still here. Following that we reserve the right to return your item(s) to the sender if you don't collect it.

I no longer want my item, will you return it for me?

Unfortunately we’re not able to help with this – it would get too complex if we got involved in transactions between campus residents and item senders.

If you no longer want your item, please follow the sender’s returns procedure – it’s likely to be more trackable this way, and may cost you nothing at all.

If you don’t collect your item from the Student Post Room, we will eventually return it if the courier accepts returns. We keep a record of handing the item back to the courier, but after that we have no control over what happens to it, and we’re not liable if it is lost or damaged after that point, so it's in your best interests to arrange its return yourself.

I no longer want an item that’s on its way, can I ask the Student Post Room to refuse delivery?

Sorry, but that isn’t possible. Each courier delivers a batch of items (over a hundred in some cases) so it isn’t possible to look through a bulk delivery for an individual item. You can send us the full details of your item to student dot postroom at warwick dot ac dot uk but we can't guarantee that we'll be able to intercept it. In that case, you will need to collect it from the Student Post Room and arrange its return to the sender.

I’m a disabled student, can I have my items delivered to my accommodation?

If you are registered disabled with Warwick Accommodation, you are entitled to have your parcels delivered to your accommodation. To request this service, reply to the notification email we send you, asking us to deliver your item. It would be very useful if you could add a phone number and give several alternative times when you will be in your room to receive the delivery. You will need to do this for every delivery received for you at the Student Post Room. Please note that we are not able to accept delivery of medicines that require cold storage, or any other similar items, as we do not have the facilities to store them at the required temperature.