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Student Post: Ordering

Can I order to campus?

Anyone who lives on campus can order to campus. If you live off campus, you need to order to that address - if we get a delivery for someone that doesn't live on campus, we'll have to return it to sender.

Put your (correct) name on everything!

Because previous accommodation occupants often use an old, on-campus address on items sent here, we can only process items that have your name and correct address on them. Unnamed items will be returned. Ensure any 'Also Known As' name is registered with accommodation and ensure senders use your name, and not theirs.

What is my on-campus address?

You can find your correct on-campus address here. It's important that all parcels received by the Student Postroom have this address format.

Beware of auto-complete

Many companies, including Amazon and use an automatic address checking system, based on the post code. The post code for the University only shows one address - "Post Room".

Please don't use this auto-completed option. Instead, enter your full address, line by line. If the site won't let you do this, try putting a shortened version of your address in the name field.

If a parcel arrives with only "Post Room" on it, we'll have to return it, marked "insufficient address".

Can I have my parcel delivered to my friend's room?

Please don't have your post sent to your friend's room. We check the names on our database to send the email notifications out and if you're not registered to that address, the parcel will not be accepted from the courier.

Is there anything I can't order to campus?

Perishable items: We have no facilities for storing perishable items like cakes and fresh or frozen food - we'll have to reject them. There is one exception to this - flowers. For flowers, address them to: "Student Reception, Senate House, University of Warwick, CV4 7AL".

Heavy items: You should not order anything weighing over 20Kg to arrive at the Student Postroom. Heavier items will not be accepted.

High wattage items: Things like heaters and kitchen equipment (e.g. rice cookers). Your accommodation contract does not permit the use of these items in your rooms.

Bulk quantities of items: Do not order bulk deliveries of items such as bottled water or toilet rolls to arrive at the SPR. There are adequate shopping facilities nearby for such items and home delivery services to cater for such needs.

What if I need an urgent delivery?

At peak periods (start of term/Black Friday/Christmas) we can't guarantee that we'll process your items on the day of delivery. It may take several working days to process your item. If an item is urgent, one of these options may suit you:

  • Using the Amazon lockers on campus.
  • Paying to use Royal Mail's Local Collect service on your deliveries so that you can collect it from the Rootes Grocery Store Post Office. This is something that may be offered as a delivery option when you order online - writing "Local Collect" in the address will not work.

    If you do use a regular service, we will not be able to accommodate any request to expedite or forward an item arriving here.