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Vehicle hire

Photo of vans


With our vehicle hire service you can book a van or minibus, with or without a driver, for a much lower price than you'd get with an external company. As long as you're using it for University business, you're welcome to see what options we have available.

Hire requests

If you'd like to hire a vehicle, please fill in our form to put in a request:

Hire request formIf you are a student looking to hire a vehicle please do this via the Warwick SU

If you need to be set up as an authorised staff driver, your manager needs to complete our online form. Students can register themselves:

Our vehicles and prices

Find out more about what we've got to offer, and what we charge for our servics.

Taxis and coaches

We don't have any taxis or coaches available for hire, but the University has officially approved suppliers that you can use if you need either one: