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Car Share Protocol

These are the protocols for being a member of car sharing at Warwick and using the priority Car Share parking spaces on campus.

As a formal member of car sharing at Warwick you are required to:

  • Park in the designated spaces exclusive to car sharers and display at least two membership cards visibly on the dashboard of the car being used for car sharing when parking on campus.
  • Display a valid permit or ticket.
  • Affix the car sticker to the rear window of the car(s) that are being used for car sharing (optional).
  • If for any reason you do not have a passenger, for example due to annual leave or absence and therefore not car sharing, you are requested not to park in the designated car-share spaces, but park in a normal car park space.
  • Maintain your details on the University car share database and inform us of any changes such as change of car(s) or members of your BUDi team.
  • Notify the car share coordinator immediately if your car-share arrangement ceases and revert to using a normal car park space.
  • Notify the car share coordinator if you leave the University and return your membership cards.
  • Maintain your account details and journey profile on the car share system.
  1. All car parks on campus have priority car-share spaces which are available to bona fide car share members only at specified times.
  2. Enforcement action including Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) will be taken if there is incorrect use of the car share spaces.
  3. WarwickShare members can apply to share a University parking permit by contacting the car park system administrator at University House.
  4. If you have any issues with car-share arrangements, please contact the Car-Share Co-ordinator in the first instance.