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Media Buying Framework

Our new media agencies can offer advice on media campaigns either off or online including OOH, radio and TV. They will assist and guide you with the planning and buying of media for ad hoc and annual campaigns, with the ability to operate on a global scale. They will offer Social Media Services, including tracking and measurement, reporting on the effectiveness and impact of campaigns. This will be the case across all media with the availability for clients to access daily updates online. The agency will set up and manage this complete service. Please note, if you are booking anything through you do not need to use this framework.

Framework timescales and guidance on call off procedures

The framework shall be in place from 1st December 2016 for a minimum of two years, we shall communicate any extensions or renewal of the agreement as needed.
All three suppliers have been appointed to the framework on an equal standing. This means that there is no preferred or top ranked supplier, services can be purchased from any of the suppliers on the framework. We recommend that where spend levels are anticipated to be higher, particularly above £10K for a specific campaign that quotes are obtained from all three suppliers. Should you wish to work with any of the suppliers on a more exclusive basis over a period of time, you must conduct a mini-competition where you ask each supplier to put forward a proposal for how they would undertake the work. Please note that all core pricing for campaign activities, media buying and spot purchases are pre-agreed under the terms of the framework, however additional costs for things like campaign reporting will be agreed on a project by project basis. The Procurement Team will be happy to advise on conducting mini-competitions.

Our agencies:


Adgen are based in Coventry with 17 employees. They work with a range of recruiting universities such as Coventry, Birmingham and Leicester. They have experience of B2B and have a sophisticated reporting system working with companies such as Cadbury, Barclays and Sky.
Hunterlodge Hunterlodge specialise in creating the perfect blend of strategy, media, digital and creative to produce the most effective advertising possible for each individual client. They have an extensive range of advertising and creative experience, UK and International, across the HE sector working with clients such as University of Leicester, University of Exeter, London South Bank University and many more.


SMRS are spread across two offices in Manchester and London with 73 employees. SMRS have a larger more global reach with HEI experience working with 22 Higher and Further Education providers.