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Marketing Services



The University Marketing team drive marketing activity across the University, including both administrative departments and academic departments. We lead on University campaigns and implementation, support with market research, develop marketing plans and are responsible for student engagement.

Key responsibilities of the Marketing Services team

  • Driving marketing activity across the University
  • Leading on University campaigns and implementation
  • Market research

Tasks the team can help with/advise on

  • Marketing plans
    We work with departments to advise on marketing & communication strategy, key audiences, objectives, appropriate channels to use and ways to measure success. Please contact Emma Mundy, Jenny Hall or Toren O'Malley for help with this.
  • Campaigns
    We can support departments with their own campaign activity and to develop appropriate communications. We also lead on the NSS campaign and can support departments to engage with their students for this survey. Please contact Jenny Hall or Emma Mundy for help with this.

  • Student Engagement
    We can develop and recommend student engagement strategy or review your current plans. We can direct you to appropriate channels or undertake a channel review to engage with students.

  • Brand
    We act as brand ambassadors and consultants to enable you to engage with the University's brand and implement it effectively. More information >>






Key contacts

Emma Mundy
University Marketing Manager

Jenny Hall
University Marketing Officer

Toren O'Malley
University Marketing Assistant
T dot O-Malley at warwick dot ac dot uk

Elise Bennett
Departmental Marketing Executive (Science)
E dot Bennett dot 1 at warwick dot ac dot uk

Susie Edwards
Departmental Marketing Executive (Arts)
S dot Edwards dot 6 at warwick dot ac dot uk

Nichola Howell-Manning
Student Communications Officer
N dot C dot A dot Howell at warwick dot ac dot uk