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Business & Regional Engagement

Business and Regional Engagement


The Business & Regional Engagement team is responsible for building and co-ordinating the University's relationships with local and regional stakeholders. This involves liaising with people and organisations ranging from local residents and local authority members and officers, to sub-regional and regional bodies, businesses and local MPs.

We would ask staff in other departments to consult us first, before contacting any of the local and regional stakeholders that our team is responsible for, so that we can maintain a “joined-up” approach to stakeholder relations.

Key responsibilities of the Business & Regional Engagement team

  • Acting as the first point of contact with the local community
  • Coordinating the University's relationship with sub-regional and regional organisations
  • Producing the biannual community newsletter
  • Managing the Leamington Spa Street Marshals scheme
  • Leading the University's collaborative activity with business
  • Helping academic departments to engage with industry and identify critical corporate problems Warwick academic expertise can help to solve
  • Oversee the provision of cutting-edge equipment to support the University's research programme and engagement with industry

Tasks the team can help with/advise on

  • Local Community Liaison
    Within the Business & Regional Engagement team, the Community team acts as the first point of contact with the local community -including local councillors, local residents and residents’ groups and other community organisations. We oversee the University’s interaction with these people and groups and represent the University on various local strategic partnerships e.g. the Coventry Partnership and its Communications Group, the Kenilworth Town Centre Partnership, local authority ward forums and safer neighbourhoods groups. Contact Helen May for more information.

  • Regional engagement
    We coordinate the University’s relationships with sub-regional and regional organisations, such as the three local authorities covering the campus (Coventry City Council, Warwick District Council and Warwickshire County Council), the Coventry & Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and some Birmingham-based organisations. Contact Andy Davis for more information.

  • Street Marshals Scheme
    We oversee the operation of the Street Marshals Scheme in Leamington Spa, working in partnership with Warwick District Council, Warwickshire Police and the Students' Union. Contact Helen May for more information.

  • Community Newsletter and webpages
    We produce a 4-page newsletter twice a year (around April [copy deadline in March] and October [copy deadline September]) which is distributed to around 4,500 local residents and 500 other local stakeholders. We also maintain the external community engagement webpages including a news page. Contact Helen May for more information.

  • Regional Affairs Group
    We administer the internal Regional Affairs Group, which oversees and steers the University’s regional engagement programme. It is chaired by the Registrar and the other members of which are senior managers of departments which have some element of regional engagement within their remit. Contact Kate Hughes for more information.

  • Public Engagement
    We provide a facilitation service to coordinate the University’s Public Engagement activities across the three main pillars of public engagement at Warwick: public engagement with research, engagement with schools and local and community engagement. We organise meetings of the high level Public Engagement Steering Group and the Public Engagement Network of over 250 staff across the University with an interest in public engagement. This includes a Twitter account - @warwickengages - a LinkedIn Group and ad hoc email newsletters. Contact Emily Little for more information.

  • Business Engagement
    We can help to connect academic departments with industry and to make University facilities available for external business users. Contact Kate Hughes for more information.






Key contacts

Kate Hughes
Partnerships Director (External Affairs)
kate dot hughes at warwick dot ac dot uk

Sam Hardy
Sector Lead (Energy and Urban Science)
samuel dot a dot hardy at warwick dot ac dot uk

Debbie Girdlestone
Sector Lead (Life Sciences)
d dot girdlestone at warwick dot ac dot uk

Andrew Todd
Sector Lead (Regional)
andrew dot todd at warwick dot ac dot uk

Andy Davis
Regional Partnerships Manager
A dot Davis dot 4 at warwick dot ac dot uk

Jo Handford (on maternity leave)
Regional Partnerships Manager
j dot handford at warwick dot ac dot uk

Emily Little
Public Engagement Manager
e dot little at warwick dot ac dot uk

Helen May
Community Partnerships Officer
Helen dot May at warwick dot ac dot uk

Sarah Shepheard
Business and Regional Engagement Marketing Officer
s dot shepheard at warwick dot ac dot uk

Caroline Oakman
Admin Assistant
c dot e dot oakman at warwick dot ac dot uk

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