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AV Products and Services

Please note that as of February 2021 we are presently between supplier framework agreements and any AV equipment and/or installation requirement will need to be processed in close partnership with Procurement and Insurance Services.

Please allow sufficient surplus time into your project planning and delivery lead times to factor this in.

In accordance with Financial Regulations FP-15.7 :


  • Up to (and including) £10,000 – one quotation must be obtained (it is advised that this is a written quotation).
  • Over £10,000 and up to £35,000 - at least two written quotations to be obtained.
  • Over £35,000 - competitive tender via a University formal competitive tendering procedure.

When obtaining quotations, the University’s previously approved and assured suppliers should be contacted in the first instance – please contact Procurement for details if unsure.

Figures are net, exclusive of VAT. In addition to obtaining quotations for purchases <£35,000, you may also need to complete an Alternative Procurement Procedure (APP) form.


Further details on the University's Financial Procedures for Purchasing can be found at :


If you have any questions or concerns in advance as regards route to market during this period, in the first instance please reach out to:, Procurement Manager, Procurement and Insurance Services.


At present we anticipate this situation continuing until late June 2021.