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3rd Party Supplies via Sigma and SLS

Sigma Aldrich and SLS are distributors for the following suppliers. Therefore instead of using non-contracted suppliers please use Sigma and SLS to source any 3rd party items on our behalf.

Sigma Aldrich

Key Organics
Manchester Organics
Matrix Scientific


Abcam Plc
Affymetrix UK Ltd
Agilent Technologies UK Ltd
Alfa Aesar, Lancaster Synthesis
Alltech Associates Applied Science
Ams Biotechnology (Europe) Ltd
Anachem Limited
Apollo Scientific Ltd
Becton Dickinson UK Ltd
Biolin Scientific Ab
Bioline Reagents Ltd
Bio-Rad Laboratories Ltd
Biotage Sweden Ab
Caltag-Medsystems Ltd
Cambio Ltd
Cambridge Bioscience Ltd
Cole-Parmer Instrument Co Ltd
Crawford Scientific Ltd
Dako Ltd
Dutscher Scientific UK Ltd
Ebioscience Ltd
Elektron Technology UK Ltd
Elemental Microanalysis Ltd
Enzo Life Sciences (UK) Ltd
Ge Healthcare UK Ltd
Geneflow Ltd
Gilson Pipette Solutions Ltd
Gilson Scientific Limited
Goss Scientific Instruments Limited
Insight Biotechnology Ltd
Interfocus Ltd
Iris Biotech Gmbh
Lgc Promochem
Life Technologies Ltd
Lonza Sales Ltd
Millipore UK Ltd
Miltenyi Biotec Ltd
Nbs Biologicals Ltd
Novus Biologicals
Paa Laboratories Ltd
Pathway Diagnostics Limited
Phenomenex (UK) Ltd
R&D Systems Europe Limited
Roche Diagnostics Limited
Shimadzu UK Ltd
Source Bioscience UK Limited
Stratech Scientific Limited
Swagelok Manchester
Thistle Scientific Ltd
Ukge Limited
Waters Ltd
World Precision Instruments Ltd

Any questions, please contact the Commodities team on Ext. 50911 or Ext. 74578