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Personal Protective Equipment

This is for the supply of safety footwear, hazard protection clothing, personal protection equipment and any associated products and services.

This contract has been awarded as a framework over 3 suppliers:

Arco Limited

Arden Winch & Co Ltd

Main Man Supplies Ltd

All PPE noted above should only be purchased via these suppliers.

All garments purchased can branded by either embroidery, print or tax tabbing.

All suppliers will require a University of Warwick purchase order upon order placement.

There are agreed set prices (core lists) available as part of this contract on specific lines.

In addition, the university will receive the following additional pricing discounts:

  • Arco

20% off PPE product/garments that appear in ARCO current catalogue

  • Arden Winch

30% off PPE product/garments that appear in Arden Winch current catalogue

  • Main Main

40% for core product/garments that appear in current Main Man Supplies Ltd catalogue

Please ensure that quotations are requested in advance of a purchase order being sent to ensure that the correct pricing is received

Contract Price Lists

Arden Winch
Main Man Supplies


SAP Vendor No: 10025229

Contact: Ian Whitehouse


Land line: 0330 3902050

Mobile: 07415275401

Arden Winch Ltd

SAP Vendor No: 10047389

Contact: Liam Beckett


Land line: 01159754112

Mobile: 07739083683

Main Man Supplies

SAP Vendor No: 10051461

Contact: Janet Hinsull


Land line: 01384411101

Mobile: 07920571996