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Creative Emporium

For prices and garments please see the online ordering systems -

This website is split by department. All clothing has been standardised across departments. Departments have the same style of suit but in different colours, this supports cost savings and stops “maverick” purchasers. If there is something that you need that is not on the website please email Quanda Randle 

Creative Emporium is a uniform clothing supplier based in Leeds. Operating since 1998, Creative Emporium has the necessary skills and expertise to ensure exceptional levels of customer care and attention. Using their extensive network of suppliers, we are able to source and produce a wide variety of uniform clothing including bespoke made products. Our in-house production capabilities allow for a fast turnaround of items without compromising on quality. Creative Emporium lead the way in innovative solutions for clients with bespoke built online ordering systems available to enable quick and simple ordering of items. For further information on our products and services please visit

The Universitys dedicated account manager is:

Kelly Sowden

Phone: 08707 500057

Fax: 08707 500058