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Water Coolers

At the University (and in most of the UK) tap water is perfectly potable and cold most of the year. For water coolers, in addition to the initial costs and on-going maintenance costs we also have to account for the electricity consumption for cooling the water with the associated carbon emissions. In the interests of sustainability, before making arrangements for a water cooler and if you haven't already, please kindly consider whether a water cooler is required.


If a water cooler is required, in the first instance please look to install a mains-fed water dispenser. If a mains-fed water dispenser is not feasible, you may order a standalone water cooler.


Mains-Fed Water Dispensers

In the first instance, please contact the Estates Procurement department for mains-fed water dispensers.


Standalone Water Coolers

Where mains-fed water dispensers are not feasible, the following supplier has been approved for the provision of all stand-alone water dispensers and water bottles:

Waterlogic UK

Please contact John Savory in the first instance for all aspects of day-to-day management of your account and/or new dispensers.

Agreed pricing for this contract is:


This contract is due to run until 31st December 2018 with the option of additional 2 x 1 year extensions.


For any additional information on this contract please contact:

Quanda Randle Procurement Co-ordinator Extn. 28169 Email: