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Laboratory Supplies Framework

This Web page provides all information regarding approved lab suppliers under public procurement rules.

If you cannot locate the required information or would like to suggest cost saving initiatives you would like the central procurement office to look into please contact Rebecca Devaney or extension 74013.

The University of Warwick are a member of the Southern University Purchasing Consortia (SUPC). SUPC conducted EU tender processes to provide approved suppliers against which we can order individual items. A list of laboratory equipment with the approved suppliers can be found at the below link.

Please note, in many instances there are multiple suppliers awarded. Where there is more than one supplier for a particular item/category please ensure you obtain quotes from all suppliers within that category.

Approved Lab Suppliers

Departments must purchase from these approved suppliers where ever possible. However if the required items cannot be located please contact you departmental purchasing representative for advice on how to proceed.

The central procurement office will be undertaking initiatives to drive value for money, procurement best practice and research support to departments. If you have any specific areas you would like central procurement to look into (this may be a single high volume item, price parity etc) please be in touch with Rebecca Devaney.