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Argent Court

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AC 0.5, Argent Court, Sir William Lyons Road, Science Park, Coventry, CV4 7EZ

Campus Map - Argent Court, Building 2, Grid Reference G3


Head of Procurement and Insurance

Pauline Mealing

P dot E dot Mealing at warwick dot ac dot uk 74069

Procurement Assistant

Juliette Daniel

J dot Daniel dot 1 at warwick dot ac dot uk 50911

Senior Procurement Manager [CCSG]

Debbie Cook 24642

Senior Procurement Manager [Commodities]

Carol Hudson 24296

Senior Procurement Manager [Projects]

Fiona O'Toole

Fiona dot O-Toole at warwick dot ac dot uk  

Senior Procurement Manager [Capital]

Matthew Hird 50984

Procurement Manager [CCSG]

Zoe Middleton 28256

Procurement Coordinator [Maternity Leave]

Ann-Marie Cooper 50871

Procurement Operations Manager

Emma Middleton E dot Middleton at warwick dot ac dot uk 74577

Procurement Manager

Gary Mace Gary dot Mace at warwick dot ac dot uk TBC

Procurement Coordinator [CCSG]

Quanda Randle 28169
Procurement Coordinator

Jevan Rai 23188
Senior Procurement Assistant [CCSG] Gemma Edwards  23774
Procurement Coordinator [OPeRA] Olivia Nolan O dot Nolan at warwick dot ac dot uk 50224
Insurance Services Manager Richard Campbell-Kelly 24222
Insurance Services Assistant Samantha Barton