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Planned Procurement

If you would like to discuss any of the following Procurements or Recent Awards, please get in touch through our contact details.

Procurement Underway

Category Agreement Reference Publish Date Type Planned Award Date
Professional Services Transcription Services EM-02-18-WMS-TRANSCRIPTION-JB February 2018 Open Summer 2019
Clothing Uniform and Personal Protective Equipment EM-07-18-CW-UNIFORM August 2018 Open

Lots 1 & 3 - Summer 2019

Warwick Arts Centre Web Design Services EM-03-19-UNI-WACWEBDESIGN-KA March 2019 Open July 2019
Butterworth Hall Dimmer Replacement EM-03-19-WACDIMMERS-HP March 2019 Open Summer 2019
Warwick Arts Centre Radio Mic Replacement TBC June 2019 Open Autumn 2019
Travel Taxis & Exec Cars CP-05-19-TaxisCars May 2019 Open September 2019
Timesheet Software CP-07-19-Timesheet-KB July 2019 Open Oct 2019

Planned Procurement (Future)

Category Agreement Publish Date Expected/Planned Award Date

Flowers and Associated Gifts

Summer 2019 Autumn 2019
Professional Services - Marketing

Student Recruitment Media Buying

September 2019 January 2020

Recent Awards (within the last 6 months)