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Your questions

A. What qualification will I be studying for?

The University is an approved training employer for the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and you will be studying to qualify as an ACA and to be a member of the ICAEW.

As the scheme is also an apprenticeship programme you will also gain the Level 7 Accountancy/Taxation Professional qualification.

B. How long will my length of contract be?

Your training contract will be for a period of three years. At the end of this period, you will have passed all of your professional exams, your training record will be complete and you will be a fully qualified chartered accountant and a member of the ICAEW. On successful completion of your training contract it is expected that you will be offered the opportunity to continue to progress your career as a management accountant at Warwick for a further two years; during this time you will also be eligible to apply for more senior roles within the University Finance Function.

C. What work experience will be available to me during my training contract?

During your training contract you will be given the opportunity to work, under the guidance of qualified accountants, as a member of a number of the finance teams which collectively support the financial planning and management for the University of Warwick. This could be in a number of different teams including working as a member of a finance team within a large academic department, such as Warwick Business School and Warwick Manufacturing Group, or work in Financial Control, Management Accounting (including Research Finance), Campus and Commercial Services Group, Tax Department (to include experience of VAT and Corporation Tax), Group Accounting Team, Internal Audit and Procurement.

You will also have the opportunity to gain corporate audit experience through secondments in your training contract to Grant Thornton, a Top Ten accountancy firm.

D. Where will I do my professional training and exams?

As part of your training contract the University will support your professional exam training at Kaplan Financial in Birmingham. This will encompass a mix of classroom based learning at Kaplan in Birmingham, as well as some on-line study and exams for an element of the initial certificate stage.

E. How many exams are there?

The professional training for membership of the ICAEW currently comprises 15 subjects with exams across three different levels, being Certificate, Professional and Advanced. In order to qualify as an ACA you will be required to successfully complete all three levels of examintions. You will progress through each stage with other students studying at Kaplan Financial. Additional information on exams can be obtained from

As part of the apprenticeship you will also be expected to complete an End Point Assessment which is a essay style reflective statement on the work and learning you have experienced while on your training contract.

F. How much time do I get off for exams?

As part of your training contract the University gives you paid time off to study at Kaplan Financial and take your professional exams.

G. What if I fail an exam?

If you fail an exam, the University will allow you to have one resit at your own cost (to include time off required for studying for and retaking the exam). If you fail on two occasions the University is likely to terminate your training and employment contract; however with respect to all exam failures consideration will be given to any extenuating circumstances.

H. What is my holiday entitlement?

Your annual leave entitlement will comprise 26 days holiday plus eight statutory bank holidays to take around your work and professional training commitments each year. As a member of the University you will also benefit from four additional customary days over the Christmas period.

I. How much will I get paid?

Our starting salary for graduates of £23,754 is competitive and benchmarked against different sectors and businesses across the region. Your salary will increase as you progress through your training contract. This will be on an annual basis, subject to a combination of both successfully passing your professional exams and achieving your objectives with respect to your work experience at the University.

J. Is the programme open to international students?

We welcome applications from international students studying at Warwick. All applications will be assessed objectively against the selection criteria only and you will not be treated less favourably than another applicant on the grounds of national origin. However, if you do not already have right to work in the UK, any offer made to you will be conditional upon you gaining this. This scheme does not meet the Home Office’s requirements to enable us to offer sponsorship under Tier 2 of the points-based system so you would need to obtain right to work through an alternative route, if eligible. For example, there are other routes available if you have certain family or ancestral links with the UK. Please see the GOV.UK web pages for further information on the possible routes.

K. How do I apply?

To apply, click here.