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Payment of Fees

Payment of fees by the due date forms part of the contractual relationship between the University and students. You are expected to have made adequate provision for the payment of academic and non-academic related fees before arriving at University.

Academic fees include (but are not limited to) tuition fees, modular fees, upgrade fees, exam fees, extension fees, other course-related fees and library fines. Non-academic fees include (but are not limited to) accommodation fees and nursery fees.

Academic Fees

Tuition fees and related charges are due in full on the first day of the academic year or the first day of the course (whichever is later).

The liability for academic fees ultimately lies with you, as the student. If you are sponsored by a third party organisation (and not an individual), the University will invoice the sponsor upon receipt of confirmation on a letterhead. You should upload your Sponsors letterhead confirmation (PDF format) onto the Enrolment Dashboard within your Student Records Online account. If you do not have the document available when enrolling you should do this as soon as possible.

Most students are eligible to pay their academic fees through our standard instalment plan unless one of the following applies to you:

Standard instalment plan

You can either to pay your tuition fees for the whole academic year in one payment at the start of your course or split the payment into our standard instalment plan as shown below:

50% of tuition fees due by the first day of Term 1
25% of tuition fees due by the first day of Term 2
25% of tuition fees due by the first day of Term 3

Any tuition fee bursary, student loan, or sponsorship will be offset against the total tuition fee due.

I am a student on a modular-based course

If you are studying on modular-based courses in Warwick Medical School (WMS), Careers, Centre for Education Studies (CES), Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL), Centre for Teacher Education (CTE), School of Engineering you are required to pay for each module attended within 21 calendar days of the invoice being applied to your account. Individual modules will be invoiced separately. Any tuition fee bursary, SLC tuition fee loan or sponsorship will be offset against the gross tuition fee.

Non-payment of academic fees

The University will charge an administration fee of £20.00 with the second reminder email for tuition related fees. Further failure to pay will result in the debt being referred to one of our specialist debt collection agencies and may include additional charges for legal recovery.

If you have overdue academic fee debt you may be referred to the Academic Fees (Special Cases) Sub-Committee, which is a sub-committee of Finance and General Purposes Committee of the Council. This committee has delegated powers to withdraw you for non-payment of academic fees and consider non-standard payment plans where appropriate. If you are referred to the Academic Fees (Special Cases) Sub-Committee you will be given at least seven calendar days' notice to appear before it and state your case (or to submit a written statement if you prefer). If you wish, you may be accompanied by your personal tutor, another member of the academic teaching staff or a representative from the Students' Union Advice Centre.

If you have previously been withdrawn for non-payment of academic fees, you will not be permitted to enrol or re-enrol until you have paid any outstanding academic fee debt and the first instalment of tuition fees for the next period of enrolment or provided evidence of an approved SLC tuition fee loan.

You will only be allowed to graduate once you have paid your study related fees and charges in full.

Non-academic Fees

Accommodation fees are due in full on the first day of the academic year or the start date of your accommodation contract, whichever is later. You have the choice to either pay all your accommodation fees for the whole academic year at the start of your course or pay in instalments which are due on the first day of each term.

If you default on an instalment payment, the option to pay by instalment for the rest of the year will be withdrawn and the entirety of the remaining accommodation charges will be due immediately and will be subject to the University’s debt management procedure including referral to legal recovery or debt collection agency.

Other Miscellaneous Charges

Other Miscellaneous Charges such as re-sit fees, library fines, accommodation fines or disciplinary fines can be levied on your account at any point in the academic year. Once the charge has been added to your account you will be expected to pay that charge by the specified due date.

Please Note: Miscellaneous charges cannot be collected by Direct Debit and should be paid by an alternative method of payment. For details, see the Methods of Payment page.


Students who withdraw from the University prior to the end of the academic year will be charged a proportion of the tuition fees of the full academic year according to the University’s withdrawal policies. You can find the details on the calculation of fees in the withdrawal policies.

For more information and advice about the financial implications of withdrawing visit:

Financial Difficulties

We strongly recommend you give early consideration to the payment of your fees and in the event of difficulty making a payment please notify the Student Collections Team as soon as possible by emailing or calling 024 7652 8472.

Further advice and support

If you are experiencing difficulties additional support may be available from the following services: