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Our ethics

Source, suppliers and sustainability. All these things play an important role in our ethics. As well as delivering quality food and drink, we want to ensure we're doing it the most environmentally friendly way we can.

We buy local

We're committed to using only the best locally sourced food and drink. This means only using ethical and sustainable suppliers.

eggs in a basket


Free range by David Hobbins of Seven Acres Egg Farm in Coventry.

Milk and cream

Milk & cream

Supplied by Cotswold Dairy Ltd. Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.


Fruit & veg

Seasonal produce from local areas, obtained from a Leamington wholesaler.

Cut of beef


British origin, 100% traceability and Red Tractor Assured.

Two slices of salmon


Sustainable and certifiable by the Marine Stewardship Council wherever possible.

We serve farmer-sourced coffee

All our coffee is supplied by Union Hand Roasted Coffee. They are a small, independent and ethically committed coffee roaster and supplier.

Winners of the 'Best Speciality Coffee Roaster Europe' at the Allegra European Coffee Awards 2018.

Union source their coffee direct from farmers. They pay them a fair price so they can invest in their farm, families, and workers.

See more about our coffee - Cambiar from Peru

Coffee beans and a coffee cup


We use compostable tableware

All our food and drink bookings use compostable tableware as standard.

  • Reduced carbon emissions due to less van loads of crockery delivered to events
  • Quieter and speedier deliveries
  • Less room required for set up
  • Reduced weight and better manoeuvrability of crockery, meaning less risk of injury.

We reuse

We wash and reuse plastic buffet flats wherever possible and provide glass water jugs for refill in University House (collect from the staff kitchen opposite CMR1.0).