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Trustees as at January 2011

The governing body of the University is the Council, the members of which are the University's trustees. The members of the Council as of January 2011 can be found below, together with information on the other charities (if any) of which they were also trustees.


  Member of Council  Charities of which Members are Trustees 
Pro-Chancellor (s): Mr J Leighfield CTC Kingshurst Academy Culham Languages and Science
  Sir George Cox University of London Boat Club Trust Culham Languages and Science Culham European Academy Merlin USA
The Vice-Chancellor: Professor N Thrift  
The Treasurer: Mr B Woods-Scawen  
The Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Professor M Smith  
The Pro-Vice-Chancellors: Professor A Caesar  
  Professor R Higgott  
  Professor K Lamberts  
Up to six academic members of the Senate, appointed by the Senate: Professor S Hand  
  Professor T Jones  
  Professor J Labbe  
  Professor A Muthoo  
  Professor M Taylor  
  Professor P Winstanley  
One member of the non-academic staff of the University appointed by the Senate: Mr A Rivett Fierce Festival Ltd Shared Experience Theatre Company Ltd British Association of Concert Halls (BACH)
Such other persons not being members of the academic staff or salaried officers or students of the University and not exceeding fifteen in all, as may be appointed by the Council: Mr K Bedell-Pearce  
Dame Fiona Caldicott  
Dr Roy Chung  
  Ms V Cooke Global Action Plan Changing Faces
  Mr P Dunne Leap Confronting Conflict
  Ms P Egan Geffrye Museum DEMOS
  Ms T Elliott  
  Ms V Heywood Shakespeare's Birthplace Trust Theatre Development Trust
  Mr J Higgins  
  Mr G Howells IKON Gallery, Birmingham MADE, Birmingham
  Dr G Lyons  
The President of the Union of Students: Mr D Stevens  
One student elected by the Union of Students: Mr S Stanley